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21.03.07 F10480 - 3.2.940

Expanded PEClient driver pool to include the newest Broadcom drivers.[more]

21.03.07 F10479 - 3.2.940

The Red Hat installations now support driver disks. The Red Hat driver disks supplied by the manufactures must be copied to the Software folder %ai_service%Software< redhat version >< processor type >DriverDisk . The driver disks...[more]

28.02.07 F10478 - 3.2.937

With this build the SSI will run on Windows Vista. All Gui problems have been addressed.[more]

27.02.07 F10477 - 3.2.936

Importing of windows VISTA Enterprise German x86 is now possible. This build will also allow you to create a rudimentary installation of Vista. Only the most basic properties are handled. Please note this is not a fully supported...[more]

27.02.07 F10476 - 3.2.936

After being requested several times, the Software data bank has been changed to accommodate a second Windows XP SP2 Deutsch entry. This entry is listed as “CUSTOM 1”. You can use this entry for your own special versions, for...[more]

27.02.07 F10475 - 3.2.936

PEClient driver pool has been expanded to include the newest Broadcom server network cards which operate on bxnd.inf, bxbd.inf, bxiscsi.inf etc. bases.[more]

27.02.07 F10474 - 3.2.936

SUSE enterprise Linux server 10 version x86 and x64 can now be imported with the import wizard.[more]

20.02.07 F10473 - 3.2.935

It is now possible to set the partitions cluster sizes. The cluster sizes are displayed in the GUI but cannot be adjusted there. You can edit the sizes when in the detail view. The valid values are file system depended. For...[more]

15.02.07 F10472 - 3.2.934

Novell openSuse Version 10.2 now supported[more]

15.02.07 F10471 - 3.2.934

This build allows you to select which installation client you wish to use, either PEClient or DOS client this can be set in the group template or in each individual user. Don’t forget client level settings overwrite group level...[more]

15.02.07 F10470 - 3.2.334

SLES 10 AMD 64 Version now supported.[more]

13.02.07 F10468 - 3.2.933

Suse Linúx Enterprise Server Version 10 now supported.[more]

29.01.07 F10467 - 3.2.932

PEClient support for windows server 2003 32 bit R2..[more]

04.01.07 F10466 - 3.2.928

This build allows you to remove the [pagefile].SizeReg entry from the default.txt. The corresponding registry entry will (after removal) no longer be written on the client machine.[more]

21.11.06 F10465 - 3.2.925

The PEClient determines and generates the necessary BOOTSECT.DAT automatically from drive 0. In order to use this feature you have to recreate your PEClient images.[more]

21.11.06 F10464 - 3.2.924

Status indicator for Suse installation has been expanded.[more]

11.10.06 F10463 - 3.2.819

The services now resolve the following variables and list them in the&nbsp;[Environment] Section. %DMI01VENDOR% %DMI02VENDOR% %DMI01PRODUCT% %DMI02PRODUCT% %DMI00VERSION% The content is determined from the corresponding DMI...[more]

10.10.06 F10462 - 3.2.918

Das Kriterium, ob die vom PXE Stack ermittelte IP-Adresse für den MS-DOS TCP/IP Stack verwendet werden kann wurde geändert. Ab dieser Build ist nicht mehr die UNDI Version entscheidend sondern korrekt gelieferte IP...[more]

13.09.06 F10460 - 3.2.917

Final release ESX Server RC3 now supported. &nbsp; This build includes a init Script required for the ESX server support. The init Script is used the same as the post and pre script, with one small exception. &nbsp;...[more]

06.09.06 F10459 - 3.2.916

VMWare ESX Server&nbsp; RC2&nbsp; Support.[more]

20.08.06 F10458 - 3.2.915

Release of version 3.2 RC. This version supports the distribution of VMWare ESX Server versions 2.5.x and 3.0.0 Especial made for this feature the SSI has been expanded to use freeware NFS-server.[more]

20.08.06 F10457 - 3.2.915

The import of SCSI drivers has been expanded to include nodev.inf when found in the import list. This will allow you add chipsets that are based on “LSI Logic Embedded SATA Controller” technology with out error. You require for...[more]

10.08.06 F10456 - 3.1.914

Up until this build the installer service processed requests from RIS clients. This function is now deactivating by default. &nbsp; You can activate this function by resetting the registry key. This function should only be...[more]

02.08.06 F10455 - 3.1.912

This time just a tip. &nbsp; The DOSNET.INF file for the German version of Windows XP TabletPC Edition have incorrect entries in them. This leads to the error message that some data could not be copied for example the...[more]

03.07.06 F10454 - 3.1.912

Extended event log settings. With this build you can decide for every event log if the default settings should be overwritten or not.[more]

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