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05.06.07 F10505 - 3.2.954

First preparation for the distribution of Cent OS 5 x86. The DVD is now importable.[more]

04.06.07 F10504 - 3.2.953

The SSI Server with this build generates the trigger. “EVENT_CLIENT_INSTALL” You can now use the corresponding scripts within the PEClient.[more]

23.05.07 F10503 - 3.2.950

Vista Installation ignores the potential error[Client].ClientDom entry.[more]

23.05.07 F10502 - 3.2.950

Two new buttons added to the PEClient builder „pebuilder.exe mode:=Silent” creates the PEClient ISO image automatically without a GUI. “pebuilder.exe mode:=unattended” runs automatically too but shows progress dialogs.[more]

16.05.07 F10501 - 3.2.949

Vista clients are installed with the UserAccountControl deactivated. Please use AD-Policy to activate (if desired) the UserAccountControl.[more]

16.05.07 F10500 - 3.2.949

Netinstall v6 support, with this build you can install the agent automatically. Assignment to a project is still not possible.[more]

14.05.07 F10499 - 3.2.948

The userreg.exe is currently not being merged into the Vista installation routine (BETA). At the moment it causes problems within Vista for unknown reasons. The Vista installation can be completed but the userreg section cannot...[more]

14.05.07 F10498 - 3.2.948

The inventory client had in the past been the cause for creating ghost clients in the admin console of already existing installations. For example Wlan cards or VPN connections could cause this. This build corrects this problem.[more]

14.05.07 F10497 - 3.2.948

Various screen resolutions can now be selected. The maximum resolution is 1920x1200. If you wish to use higher resolutions then this then you must change it directly in the U.txt of the graphic card.[more]

14.05.07 F10496 - 3.2.947

The PEClient now checks for all the found mac-address if there is any installation orders pending on the SSI server. This is necessary incase for example the booted PXE-Network card is not that that is recognized by Windows as...[more]

14.05.07 F10495 - 3.2.947

This is the first build that deploys Windows Vista completely without error. Anyone wishing to test the deployment of vista should upgrade to this version of the installer. This is by no means a release candidate (we are still in...[more]

11.05.07 F10494 - 3.2.946

The PEClient drivers databank now includes the extra Server 2003 standard 1076 network card and the 91 SCSI adapter drivers.[more]

11.05.07 F10493 - 3.2.946

Both the English and German version of Windows server 2003 SP2 can now be imported. This applies to the 32 bit system, the import of the 64 bit system will follow shortly.[more]

11.05.07 F10492 - 3.2.945

The PEClient quarries the server for any orders for all network cards found on the client. This process now supports Multihomed PC’s who’s PXE-Network card is not recognized by windows as the first card.[more]

07.05.07 F10491 - 3.2.944

This build corrects the problems that occur when creating defined partitions. The desired partitions are now created on the first run. Please don’t forget to recreate your iso image, after installing this service pack.[more]

07.05.07 F10490 - 3.2.944

The local Administrator account is now being activated when installing Vista (BETA). This build will allow you to install vista without having to use a Domain account.[more]

07.05.07 F10489 - 3.2.944

Windows Vista Installation support expanded(BETA). Phase 1 and 2 are now being executed and several of the parameters in the unattended.xml are being applied. There is still a problem with the AutoAdminLogon in Phase 2, please...[more]

02.05.07 F10488 - 3.2.943

Unfortunately Microsoft’s diskpart.exe creates an array of errors when attempting to create the desired partitions. The client now checks that the partitions were correctly created and if necessary will repeat the process. Please...[more]

02.05.07 F10487 - 3.2.943

Regional settings for Vista have been expanded. The desired settings can be set for each client, settings are written to the Unattended.xml[more]

25.04.07 F10486 - 3.2.942

This build allows you to import and install Vista Enterprise English. For now only German regional settings are configured. Custom configuration settings cannot be applied or manipulated yet.[more]

25.04.07 F10485 - 3.2.942

The function RunOnServer.sbahtml has been integrated into the Framework service. This has improved performance while at the same time eliminating the possible occurrence of a deadlock situation which could occur when several...[more]

25.04.07 F10484 - 3.2.942

The PEClient did not pay any attention to the PrepCopy Section. The indicated indexes are now recognized without the aid of the cache server or service partition.[more]

25.04.07 F10483 - 3.2.942

The default size of the ram disk used for the PEClient has been raised to 32 MB, unfortunately there is not enough room on the previous 16MB allocation for all the log files.[more]

25.04.07 F10482 - 3.2.942

The PEClient ISO builder now runs on a Vista PC. This build allows you once again to use WinPe2005 as a base image.[more]

25.04.07 F10481 - 3.2.941

Extended Red hat support. With this build you can roll out a server with integrated update 4.[more]

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