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06.12.07 F10530 - 3.2.981

Startup Verhalten des Installer Dienstes beschleunigt.[more]

06.12.07 F10529 - 3.2.981

The TFTP Server supports up to 500 current downlowds.

06.12.07 F10528 - 3.2.981

Add support for CentOS 5.1

16.11.07 F10527 - 3.2.978

Release of the PEClient VBScript Plugins.[more]

08.11.07 F10526 - 3.2.977

Release of the openSuse 10.3 support.[more]

08.11.07 F10525 - 3.2.976

The OS-Import is able to emport the new DVD-Release of openSuse 10.2

08.11.07 F10524 - 3.2.975

The PEClient limits the execution of "Auto" Scripts to its start without any other task.[more]

08.11.07 F10517 - 3.2.974

Internal Release

21.09.07 F10522 - 3.2.973

Expansion of the various Vista Installations so as to include the selection of different work station types.[more]

10.09.07 F10521 - 3.2.972

The PEBuilder now offers the functionality of activating and starting the Lanman server service in the PEClient ISO. This enables access to the client’s drives that were started when starting the PEClient Image. Please use the...[more]

10.09.07 F10520 - 3.2.971

Performance Update for the console.[more]

07.09.07 F10519 - 3.2.970

This build allows you to install Linux Enterprise server 10 including SP1 in both 32bit and 64 bit format.[more]

06.09.07 F10518 - 3.2.969

The PEClient provides via background message, information about the found Mass storage controller(s). The PEClient ISO must be rebuilt to use this function.[more]

31.08.07 F10517 - 3.2.967

This build contains a complete reconstruction of the PEBuilder. The Mass storage drivers, are when using WinPE, used as the basics with the official drvinst.exe tool from Microsoft but now we also connect them directly to the...[more]

20.08.07 F10516 - 3.2.965

This build supports the rollout of RedHat Enterprise server 5. Similar to CentOS 5 this Operating system loads its sources over NFS. The Http support there for does not work.[more]

20.08.07 F10515 - 3.2.964

Support for CentOS 5 has been implemented.[more]

03.08.07 F10514 - 3.2.963

This build supports 2 new languages. Importation and installation of Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R) has been tested. The testing was done using the PEClient and rollout settings for winxp...[more]

30.07.07 F10513 - 3.2.962

The PEClient has been extended to include all the necessary functions to support a Dual boot installation. The following configuration is our tested...[more]

30.07.07 F10512 - 3.2.961

The PEClient now transfers the logs per HTTP. This way the logs can still be transferred to the server even when the SSI-Server connection is unavailable.[more]

25.06.07 F10511 - 3.2.960

This build allows the import and installation of the Beta 3 version of Windows Server Longhorn both German and English.[more]

25.06.07 F10510 - 3.2.960

The new installation of windows on a client can now be activated from the PEClient service boot. The configuration must be configured and ready to go on the server. You do not have to initialize the installation on the server;...[more]

19.06.07 F10509 - 3.2.958

Various configuration options for the PEClient-Service-Boot:[more]

19.06.07 F10508 - 3.2.957

Extension of the PEClient service boot functionality.[more]

15.06.07 F10507 - 3.2.956

PEClient boot can now be activated under the Extras/options/PXE. You can request a PEClient start at boot by pressing the F8 button, this does not need to be set on the server. If the PEClient is activated, then a blue box in the...[more]

05.06.07 F10506 - 3.2.954

Data loader service has been modified in order to log more information. The service must be set to verbose mode to be used.[more]

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