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13.08.02 B10006 - 1.2.651

The input of supported PXE-networks was deleted every 3 seconds. This bug has been fixed.  [more]

13.08.02 B10005 - 1.2.650

New version of smbios.exe, which exludes structure 12. Specially HP Omnibooks contained incorrect SMBIOS implementations.  [more]

13.08.02 B10004 - 1.2.649

Despite of disk-update being disabled, the "Back" button led to netcard selection. This bug has been fixed.  [more]

13.08.02 B10003 - 1.2.649

The description text above the input box for the OS serial number has been corrected.  [more]

13.08.02 B10002 - 1.2.648

The update engine exited on admin-only clients with a runtime error 9. This bug has been fixed.  [more]

13.08.02 B10001 - 1.2.648

A previous update caused changes in domain/workgroup settings not to be applied. This bug has been fixed.  [more]

24.06.09 F10583 - 3.2.1032

Auch für FIBRE PCI Geräte wird im Inventar der PEClient angezeigt.

05.05.09 F10569 - 3.2.1022

Importmöglichkeit für die Windows 7 Release Candidate DVD

05.05.09 F10568 - 3.2.1021

Der Treiber Import berücksichtigt automatisch die iastor.cat und iastor.inf.[more]

01.04.09 F10560 - 3.2.1017

Freigabe der CacheServer Funktionalität.

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