Automated Software deployment / Software Management

If you have decided to centrally manage and deploy your software applications, you should most likely already know what a huge undertaking can be. Simply selecting which product to use, can be harrowing with some 20 odd products and their suites, bundles, add-ons and and and ...

SoftService consultants assist you not only in selecting the right tools that are right for you, but as we like to say "fit the plan to the right tool". Our consultant teams can help define and refine you project so that the entire project is implemented and proceeds with the minimum amount of interruption.


- What are the companies' standards?
- Which tools can be considered for evaluation?
- What do these tools offer you?
- What does the decision matrix look like?


- Evaluation of the considered products in a simulated test environment.
- Examination of the license conditions and costs.
- Calculation of additional costs such as maintenance contract, support, education and packet assembling.
- Purchasing support.


Development of a migration concept that will transform the existing policies as seamlessly as possible to the new, including the integration of additional management tools.


- Project management
- Project controlling
- Customizing
- Test
- Integration into existing management system


- Support for Administrators
- Software packaging
- Education
- Information/advice on updates

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SoftService GmbH are officially certified partner of LANDesk, Microsoft, NetSupport and HP/Novadigm, and resellers for NewBoundary.

Companies in the banking, insurance, telecommunication fields and more have used our services, from planning to implantation all within the planned project time and within budget. We attribute this success to the fact that we don't sugar coat things, we inform and advise straight up and direct.

Would you like to contact one of our references? Then drop us a line and we will put you in direct contact with them.

Read the results of our evaluation of software migration which appeared in LANline magazine LANline 02/2003 German only. ...

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