Fixed costs for individual packages

If you want to keep your expences transparent and calculable then our fixed price model is the best solution for you.  We divide the packages in three different complexity grades, each charged to a fixed price.

  • simple
    Simple applications without any major changes in the issued MSI/MST up to 100MB package size.
  • medium
    Packages larger than 100MB or MSI's requiring changes that go beyond the snapshot or the MST compilation, for example Active Setup or security settings.
  • Complex
    Packages larger than 1 GB or MSIs, requiring scripts or MSI performance increments for example system and print drivers.

The package’s difficulty classification is performed using a classification matrix thus allowing you to easily follow our invoicing processes.


Only a few requirements are required in order to start creating packages. Supply the following items and packages can be created.

  • Your standard client, for example as VMWare Image.
  • Your valid package guidelines.
  • For each request the software sources and configuration documentation.

Not sure how to begin then take advantage of our experience and let us help you create feasible guidelines and comprehensive configuration documents.

Your wish is our command

The described models are only a select few of many, we would be please to offer you a tailored solution that fits your individual needs. For further information please feel free to contact us at Sales

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