Which steps are taken over by us?

The following workflow demonstrates the steps a package runs through in our packaging process.

  • The package can be ordered by you via email and the sources are uploaded to our FTP-Server.
  • From our Single Point of Contract (SPoC) we import the package into the portal. At the same time the verification or the package is performed. This examination contains for example a check for the completeness of the provided information and sources. Furthermore the supplied packaging manual is checked for plausibility and any non plausable points are clarifed.
  • The SPoC allocates the application to a package assembler, who creates it and forwards it to a collegue for the quality assurance tests.
  • The quality assessment non functional tests follow predefined steps. Each step is noted in the acceptance protocol.

  • Now it is time to publish the package and provide it for download on the FTP-Server. You will receive additionally an email, that the order is completed.

Each step is controlled over the portal and can be controlled by you.

The portal from the view of our customers

Our customers use the portal to pursuit the advantage of your packages. All relevant data at one glance.

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