Software Packaging made in Germany

During this process both system-specific parameters (without user input) and company specific parameters (for example whether a desktop icon should be placed on the desktop) need to be considered. The results is an operating system depended package that can be deployed to a client and installed automatically in accordance with the clients rights.

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Transparent Workflow

To ensure that our "offsite-packaging lab“ is not seen as a black box, we provide an customized Packaging portal. You as a client work together with our packagers from the same database where progress and status of each package is tracked.

This web based application is available 24/7

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Standardization and consistent high quality

Packagers are people too! To ensure that this does not have a negative effect on package quality, Softservice follows a traceable workflow process and performs a extensive quality assessment procedure using our "4eyes" principal or in other words the quality assessment is never performed by the packager who packaged the application. Reoccurring tasks are automated to help eliminate the "human factor"

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Reasonable prices – Per package or hourly base

Software packages "made in Germany" don't have to be expensive. You decide from a fixed price per package or one based on an hourly rate or a combination of both. We tailor the requirements to help fit your needs

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